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xTrak : Current Functionality

XTrak is a product we have developed which provides the ability to log information in vehicles such as GPS locations, temperature and humidity, vibration, engine diagnostics, and driver/vehicle identification. The logged information then can be transmitted wirelessly using Wi-Fi. The product is modular in that only the required logging information functionality can be included in the product.

There are no monthly fees for this product, as the logged information can be transmitted when the vehicle reaches its destination.

This is a product that is ideal for industries that are involved in transportation of goods, whereby the transported goods and vehicles need to be monitored to insure the quality of the transportation process. A business involved with transporting goods can insure that its drivers are correctly following their assigned routes in the desired amount of time, and the goods transported have not been subjected to extreme vibrations, temperature and humidity. Also, having collected information about vehicle routes on a regular basis, the business can do data mining to alter routes to minimize disruptions to their vehicle fleet routes. Finally, the vehicle’s engine condition can be logged when it returns from its route, so that problems can be identified at their early stages, and automatic service requests can be initiated.

The modularity of this product allows it to be used in a very narrow application such as simply allowing the owner of a taxi fleet to monitor the use of his vehicles, and determine the mileage traveled by the vehicles. The latter ability is particularly useful when a vehicles odometer mileage can be easily altered. Moreover, the errors and manual effort required to record the mileage traveled can be eliminated.

Another type of application for this product involves security, whereby the driver and vehicle needs to be authenticated before being allowed into a premises.

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