- What is RFID?
        - Should you use it?
        - Where we come in
        - Process Analysis
        - Pilot Project
        - Site Survey
        - Installation and Rollout
        - Training

RFID Complete :: Where we come in

For a fundamentally simple technology, RFID deployment can get complicated really fast. From tag selection and placement to enterprise application integration, decisions need to be made at every step. The choices available are numerous, but making the right ones can quickly become an overwhelming process. There is only one way to get it right the first "time" "rely" on experts with sound scientific and engineering knowledge, methodologies, and experience.

RFID is, in some ways, a "high stakes" technology. Successful deployment can bring tremendous benefits, but comes at a considerable cost. The key to realizing the potential of RFID lies in ensuring that you do the right things and do them right. We can help you with both, from concept to completion. Our expertise in the entire gamut of technologies involved (both hardware and software) from end to end enables us to offer complete solutions, instead of just installations.
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