- What is RFID?
        - Should you use it?
        - Where we come in
        - Process Analysis
        - Pilot Project
        - Site Survey
        - Installation and Rollout
        - Training

RFID Complete :: Training

This is the knowledge transfer phase. From the very beginning, we will try to ensure that your RFID deployment will be as seamless to your processes as possible. Even so, an RFID implementation will introduce a substantial amount of new hardware and software into your organization, permeating many departments, and benefiting many employees who will be the ultimate "end-users". Training is optional, but highly recommended.

For large implementations and on-going support, we offer a number of services - from project management and logistics coordination to live-date support, service contracts, and on-site preventive maintenance plans.

We start with you. We ask questions and work with you to answer them. We provide you with process and technology insights. We make sure your system is no more complicated than required, yet flexible and scaleable to change with your needs and those of your business partners.
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