- What is RFID?
        - Should you use it?
        - Where we come in
        - Process Analysis
        - Pilot Project
        - Site Survey
        - Installation and Rollout
        - Training

RFID Complete :: Site Survey

Once a project (or pilot project) has been decided upon, we will conduct a site survey. This analysis is done at your facility. Our technology experts will walk the floor, talk with your personnel and operators, IT and Network staff "on a regular day of business" to get a thorough idea of how your processes work in the real world.

We will learn and understand the requirements for seamless integration with your existing enterprise applications.

We will validate and/or update recommendations from our Process Analysis. This includes a Spectral Analysis to determine the presence and level of any existing RF interference and identifying work-arounds or safeguards if necessary.

We will then take these findings and put them in our SYSTEMS Solution framework. We will give you a complete proposal that will include final recommendations for:
  • System configuration
  • Tag type, enclosure, and placement
  • Reader and antenna selection and placement
  • Photographs and drawings to illustrate the above
  • Hardware configuration
  • Middle-ware and event generation
  • Seamless end-to-end systems integration
  • Documentation complete with technical specifications of all system components
We will give you a project plan with time and cost estimation to help you with your planning activities. In essence, we propose the complete "solution" for your RFID Deployment.
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