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        - Should you use it?
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RFID Complete :: Should you use it?

The initial furor may have been created by them, but RFID is not just for businesses in the Walmart or US DoD supply chain. The list of applications that can leverage the tremendous potential that RFID offers is virtually endless. But is it the right technology for your enterprise? To answer this question, consider if any of the following statements apply to your business.

  • We could benefit from automatic and rapid data collection.
  • We deal with high-volume logistics and need automation in the management process.
  • We need more [real time] visibility into our supply chain.
  • We could benefit from rapidly reading/recording details about items/entities.
  • We deal with high-value assets that need to be protected.
  • Processing speed is essential or could provide a competitive advantage.
  • A bar code cannot physically survive our processes.
  • Security
  • Asset Tracking
  • Animal Tracking/Management
  • Retail
  • We need to collect data from items in harsh environmental conditions or do not have line of sight.
  • Areas of our facilities need controlled access.
  • We need more unique information on each item than a bar code can contain.
  • We are highly automated and need to minimize human intervention.
  • We need a reusable data storage medium at item/entity level.

If at least one of the above statements is true for your enterprise, you should seriously consider RFID for your system.

Though all potential applications are too numerous to list, here are a few noteworthy ones.
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Security
  • Asset Tracking
  • Animal Tracking/Managment
  • Retail
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