- What is RFID?
        - Should you use it?
        - Where we come in
        - Process Analysis
        - Pilot Project
        - Site Survey
        - Installation and Rollout
        - Training

RFID Complete :: Installation and Rollout

In this stage, we will:
  • Install and attach fixed readers and antennae.
  • Deploy tags (including enclose, place/distribute as necessary).
  • Direct precise construction of portals, network infrastructure, light arrays, and peripheral equipment.
  • Implement recommendations from our Site Survey.
  • Configure and program all hardware.
  • Provide operational testing of the systems and devices and ensure they perform to your expectations and adhere to compliance standards.
  • Provide requisite documentation.
Once the hardware is setup and performing per requirements, we will work with your IT personnel to integrate the technology with your enterprise applications.
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